2021 Bills Authored by Senator Monique Limón

SB 47: Allows CalGEM to collect and spend up to $5 million per year to plug abandoned and deserted oil wells. SB 47 ensures taxpayers don't bear the brunt of plugging abandoned and deserted oil wells.

SB 48: Creates an innovative first in the nation program to give Medi-Cal providers training, validated assessment tools, and payment incentives for conducting cognitive health assessments to achieve the statewide goal of improved Alzheimer's detection and diagnosis of Alzheimer's. 

SB 280: Requires large group health insurance policies to cover medically necessary basic health care services, such as women's reproductive services and organ transplants. It also prohibits discrimination in large group health insurance design and marketing.

SB 296: Requires each local jurisdiction that employs Code Enforcement Officers to develop safety standards based on their work and the conditions they face to protect officers that risk their safety and health-protecting our communities.

SB 368Helps families track their medical coverage expenses by requiring health plans and insurers to share how much a consumer has paid towards their deductible and maximum out-of-pocket costs. 

SB 497: Prevents nonbank prepaid card companies from evading California and federal laws by relabeling their "prepaid cards" as "debit cards" in order to charge overdraft fees on consumers receiving public assistance including unemployment (EDD) and disability benefits. It protects Californians from overdraft fees that place low-income consumers in a vulnerable position.

SB 535: Improves access to genetic biomarker testing in patients with advanced or metastatic stage 3 and 4 cancer by prohibiting a healthcare plan, insurance policy, and Medi-Cal from using prior authorization. 

SB 737: Modernizes the California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal-SOAP), which works with underserved students pursuing higher education at over 400 middle and high school sites. It improves the mission of Cal-SOAP to improve financial aid services and outreach to students of historically underserved backgrounds.

SB 757: Provides more consumer protections for solar customers by ensuring solar contracts have the same protections as general home improvement contracts. It also promotes more transparency in the sales of solar systems.

For a full list of legislation, I authored this year please visit the California Legislative website.