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Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

California Leads the Way with Paid Family Leave

Do you need time to care for a new baby, or a seriously ill family member? California’s Paid Family Leave Program may be the answer.

Californians who work for private employers – and even some government employees – are eligible to take Paid Family Leave, a landmark program that allows workers to receive up to 55% of their salary for up to six weeks for caregiving responsibilities.

Ten years ago, California became the first in the nation to offer this program, which gives people the chance to care for their families without jeopardizing their livelihoods at no cost to employers. A number of states are now following California’s lead.

As we’ve seen an increase in the need for two-income families, this program has become an incredibly valuable way to balance work and caregiving responsibilities. While 1.8 million Californians have already used the program, still far too few people know about it, even though they pay for it through payroll deductions through the State Disability Insurance system.

Last year, I authored a bill which was signed into law and became effective just this month which expands the program to include care for seriously ill grandparents, grandchildren, siblings and in-laws, as well as parents, spouses and children, so that it will more accurately reflect California’s multi-generational households.

Tell your family and friends about Paid Family Leave, and find out more about it and how to apply for it here.

ROARING BACK FROM THE RECESSION: By the way, did you see the good news that California is once again the eighth largest economy in the world? A family-friendly work-place is good for the economy.

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