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Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

A Pathway Back To Work

Our economy is in a clear and steady recovery, and more Californians are getting back to work.

But for many of California’s long-term unemployed – those who have gone without a job for six months or more – the future is still less than bright. Even though our unemployment rate overall has dropped in the past year, California has one of the highest long-term unemployment rates in the nation. Close to 650,000 Californians have been unemployed for six months or longer.

These workers have it harder than others, and often must submit 3.5 times as many applications just to get an interview.

Congress may be on the verge of extending expired unemployment benefits and I hope they do. But I think it is also important that we do what we can here in California.

I recently introduced Senate Bill 1028 to help the long-term unemployed get job training in growing industries with higher salaries and a high demand for workers.
My hope is that this bill will help give some Californians the jump start and the new skills they need to get working again while meeting employers’ needs for a trained workforce.

We can’t forget those who have been struggling so long to find work. How are you and your family faring in this recovering economy? I’d like to hear your story. Please email me. You can also stay in touch by following me on Facebook and Twitter.

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