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Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

Summer Legislative Update

Dear Friend,

Business at the Capitol is heating up this summer. Sixteen of my bills passed the Senate recently and are now on their way to the Assembly before they head to the Governor's desk by mid-September. The bills in this package will prepare our communities for the next big wildfire, safeguard our environment, protect California taxpayers, and much more. See below for brief descriptions of some of my bills. For a full list, visit my website:

  • Preparing our Communities for Wildfires: Senate Bill 182 will strengthen local planning requirements in high fire hazard areas and encourage local governments to pursue more fire-resistant strategies in their communities.
  • Strengthening Oil Pipeline Safety Requirements: Senate Bill 169 will correct gaps in pipeline safety law that are exploited by some pipeline operators.
  • Assessing the Cost of Oil & Gas Infrastructure: Senate Bill 551 will direct the Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) to develop a process to determine the eventual cost of shutting down and cleaning up oil and gas infrastructure.
  • Protecting California Taxpayers: Senate Bill 468 will bring transparency and accountability to corporate and other major tax breaks by establishing a process to evaluate these tax incentives for their effectiveness as well as any economic or social benefit they bring to the state. 
  • Combating Tobacco Waste: Senate Bill 424 will address tobacco waste by banning the sale of single-use tobacco products and requiring multi-use tobacco products to be recyclable or collected for take-back by tobacco product manufacturers.
  • Protecting Student Survivors of Sexual Assault: Senate Bill 493 will protect the civil rights of California college students by requiring schools to follow specific procedures when responding to reports of sexual harassment and assault.
  • Using Data to Combat the Gender Pay Gap: Senate Bill 171 will require that California employers with 100 employees or more submit a pay data report annually to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, outlining the compensation and hours worked of its employees by gender, race, ethnicity and job category.
  • Creating a Master Plan on Aging: Senate Bill 228 calls for a Master Plan Director appointed by the Governor to lead a task force that would work with stakeholders and state agencies to identify the policies and priorities necessary to prepare California for its growing aging population.
  • Preventing Deadly Falls: Senate Bill 280 will assist older and disabled adults with home modifications to help reduce the risk of falling and allow more Californians to age independently in their homes as long as possible.
  • Reducing Gun Violence: Drawing on recent research that shows a strong correlation between certain alcohol or drug-related convictions and future gun violence, Senate Bill 55 will add several crimes to the list of criminal convictions that result in a 10-year prohibition on firearm ownership.

Stay tuned for updates as these bills make their way through the legislative process.

It is an honor to serve you,


Senator Hannah Beth Jackson
State Senator, 19th Senate District

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