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Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

18 Jackson Bills Signed By Governor Brown!

Dear Friend,

This year has been especially busy with 18 of my bills signed into law by Governor Brown! From preventing wildfires and blocking Trump's offshore oil expansion to empowering women in the workplace and creating a first in-the-nation statewide drug take-back program, this year's legislative accomplishments will have direct benefits to the lives of California residents and members of our community. In fact, many of my bills were inspired by lessons learned from the devastating Thomas Fire and Montecito debris flow. Read about my top bills below or visit my website at sd19.senate.ca.gov for the full legislative package.

Thomas and Other Major Wildfires

  • Preventing Wildfires: SB 1260 will help protect California communities from catastrophic wildfires by improving our forest management practices to reduce the risk of wildfires in light of our changing climate.
  • Emergency Alerts: SB 821 will give counties the option of automatically enrolling every resident in a targeted emergency notification program, while preserving residents' ability to opt-out of alerts and maintain their privacy.
  • Protecting Montecito Homeowners: SB 917 helps Montecito and other California homeowners impacted by wildfires and subsequent flooding or mudslides by clarifying that, under current law, an insurance policy covers loss or damage resulting from a mudslide or debris flow if the acts were attributable to a condition already covered by the policy, such as wildfires.
  • Fire-Resilient Homes: SB 465 helps homeowners pay for repairs that will make their homes more fire resilient by allowing local governments to expand their Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs to homeowners in high fire-hazard areas for fire safety improvements to their homes.

Protecting the Environment

  • No New Offshore Oil: SB 834 blocks the Trump Administration from expanding federal oil drilling off the California coast by ensuring that new pipelines and other new infrastructure needed to support federal oil development cannot be built in California waters.
  • Safe Drug Disposal: SB 212 requires manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs and medical needles to establish, implement and fund take-back programs for safe and secure collection and disposal of their products. This is the first statewide proposal in the nation to include both prescription medications and needles.

Gender Equality in the Workplace

  • Sexual Harassment: SB 1300 fights sexual harassment in the workplace by closing loopholes in the law that discourage or prevent victims from speaking out, allow employers to avoid sexual harassment and discrimination laws, and leave employees vulnerable to sexual harassment at work. SB 224 expands sexual harassment protections to explicitly prohibit sexual harassment by investors, elected officials, lobbyists, directors and producers.
  • Women on Corporate Boards: SB 826 promotes equitable and diverse gender representation on corporate boards by requiring every publicly-held corporation in California to have a minimum of one woman on its board of directors by the end of 2019 and two or more by 2021. California will become the first state in the nation with such a requirement.

Protecting Consumers

  • Smart Device Security: SB 327 requires manufacturers of internet connected consumer devices -- such as wireless routers, televisions, and mobile phones -- to equip these devices with reasonable security features, such as detecting potential hackers or the ability to change passwords.

Supporting Military Families

  • Military Family Leave: SB 1123 allows qualified employees to receive paid family leave when they must take time off work to take care of critical planning needs in advance of a family member being deployed overseas or once they return home.

Over the next few weeks, my office will review new bill ideas for the following legislative session. If you have a bill idea, please do not hesitate to contact me at (916) 651-4019 or (805) 965-0862.

It is an honor to serve,


Senator Hannah Beth Jackson
State Senator, 19th Senate District

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