Here's an update on some of the bills I have authored that have now moved on to the State Assembly. Problems viewing this E-mail? Please click here.
Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

Working Hard On Your Behalf

Dear Friend,

Senator Hannah Beth Jackson

Here's an update on some of the bills I have authored that have now moved on to the State Assembly. As always, it is an honor to work on your behalf.

SB 188 - Prohibiting Offshore Oil Drilling

With his recent executive order, President Donald Trump has opened the door to new offshore oil drilling in federal waters off the coast of California that would render our coast vulnerable to more oil spills. My legislation would prohibit any new oil development in state waters, such as new or expanded pipelines. New offshore drilling would move us backwards.

 SB 63 New Parent Leave  

Studies continue to reveal the importance of parental leave so parents can bond with their newborns. But in California, almost 2/5 employees who are eligible for the worker funded Paid Family Leave Insurance Program do not take this leave out of fear they will lose their jobs. My bill ensures that employees who work for companies with 20 or more employees can take up to 12 weeks of job-protected maternity and paternity leave. If passed, 2.7 million more Californians will have access.

SB 44 - Capping Coastal Oil Wells

Capping old oil wells to prevent them from leaking is important for our beaches, oceans and coastal economy, particularly in Santa Barbara County. SB 44 would monitor and begin the capping of California's old, abandoned and leaking oil wells where the original oil company that operated them is out of business and cannot be forced to pay for cleanup.

SB 309 - "California Trusts Women" License Plate

The federal government continues to threaten reproductive health care so crucial to millions of California's families. SB 309 would create an optional "California Trusts Women" reproductive license plate. The revenue generated from purchasing these plates would go to support family planning services. Sign up here to pledge to buy a plate.

SB 62 - Building Affordable Senior Housing  

Today California's baby boomers are turning 65 at the highest rate in the nation. Many will need affordable senior housing facilities. SB 62, inspired by an affordable housing project in the Santa Ynez Valley, would create an Affordable Senior Housing Program under the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development, better known as GO Biz. Under its direction, GO Biz would help guide the development of innovative and affordable senior housing in the state

SB 169 - Protecting Title IX and Preventing Sexual Assault

With Washington attempting to undo guidelines surrounding Title IX, which prohibits sex discrimination in schools and universities, my bill SB 169 would codify existing federal Title IX guidelines into law and safeguard gender equity in education and help prevent and respond to sexual assault on school campuses.

I hope these highlighted bills provide you with an idea of the work I am doing in Sacramento to represent you best. As always, I hope you will stay in touch. 

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson
State Senator, 19th Senate District

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