ABC: Fatal Accident Sparks Debate at State Capitol

July 02, 2013

There was some emotional testimony at the State Capitol Tuesday from a Vallejo woman who lost her husband in a crash involving a defective loaner car.

"Beyond words and beyond measure. We lost our beloved children and grandchild," said Fe Lastrella the victims' relative.
Lastrella's son was a passenger in an out-of-control Lexus that had an accelerator stuck at 120 mph. The 2009 crash killed all four people inside, including off-duty CHP officer Mark Saylor who was married to Lastrella's daughter.

The still-grieving mother wants California lawmakers to do something.

"My family's lives and the Saylor's lives were altered forever," she said.

Saylor was driving a 2009 Lexus the dealership had loaned him while his own vehicle was being serviced.

The stuck accelerator played a pivotal role in forcing Toyota to recall millions of cars with the same problem.

While federal law bans franchised car dealers from selling or leasing a new car that's under a safety recall, nothing stops them from loaning, renting or selling used cars where the repairs named in a recall haven't been done.

State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, is leading the charge with a proposal to fix that.
"And they shouldn't be on the road, especially if we know they're unsafe," she said.