Newsletters and Updates


This month I introduce you to my new video series, “From the Desk of Senator Limón: Tea con Limón.” This video series will serve as a roundup of events, resources, and legislative updates.

As 2022 comes to a close, I wanted to share some of the things that we have been able to accomplish for our community. I hope you will take five minutes to watch the video below with information about some of the wins achieved this year for California and the Central Coast.

I am reaching out to share tips on the California Middle Class Tax Refund debit card. About half of eligible taxpayers received the refund via direct deposit, while the other half have either recently received or will soon receive their refunds on a prepaid debit card that will be mailed to your residence.

The season of taking a moment to give and reflect on those things we are grateful for  is upon us. In that spirit, we came together to give back to our community and presented several state investments to local nonprofits and local governments to continue to advance their work. I am grateful we had the opportunity to make these investments.

Please join some of my legislative colleagues and I, along with the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation, in learning more about recent student loan debt changes and relief coming from the federal government, and different types of student loans. For individuals who qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness - certain steps must be taken by October 31 to apply for the waiver.

This month is a favorite in our district. From perfect hiking weather, to the community coming together – is there a community event you are looking forward to the most? Let me know by reaching me at the email below.

I am pleased to give you all an update on our accomplishments in the 2022 legislative year. This year we sent 16 bills to the Governor’s desk to bring equity to the workplace, expand access to higher education, increase access to healthcare, and protect our communities from the impacts of pollution.

I hope you all have enjoyed  the summer season so far. As the legislature returns for the final weeks of the 2022 Legislative Session, I wanted to provide you with a recap of what we have completed so far and what work is left to be done in Sacramento.