Santa Barbara Independent: Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson Reflects on a Distinguished Career

May 09, 2019

By Jerry Roberts

Hannah-Beth Jackson alighted from the family’s all-electric Chevy Bolt, hustling to a final meeting in her district before winging off to another workweek in Sacramento. 

It was a dozy Monday morning, but Santa Barbara’s State Senator was already in fifth gear.

As energetic as the junior tennis champion she was a lifetime ago, Jackson strode into the Santa Barbara Independent’s office and somehow simultaneously greeted the paper’s receptionist, displayed a possible quick outfit change to a photographer (“Paul, if you wanted a different look, I brought this”), and raved to an erstwhile Sacramento reporter about Contour Airlines’ brand-new, direct flight from Santa Barbara to the Capitol.

“Oh my goodness, yes! I hope it continues,” she said, in an improvisational conversation style featuring countless commas, a paucity of periods, and transitions that connect discrete thoughts with the phrase “you know.”

“We won’t be able to use it every time, but boy, instead of it, on a normal Monday morning, I would have to take that eight or nine o’clock flight [from L.A.], I’d have to get up by five, be out of the house by six, so I’m three hours just to get to the airplane and get in the air and then the flight up and what have you, it’s almost as easy to drive, but the drive’s a bear. Here, it’s 15 minutes.”

Memo to Contour Airlines: Sign this woman up.