The Verge: Susan Fowler’s Uber Post Was The First Shot In A New War Against Silicon Valley Sexism

August 29, 2017

Susan Fowler’s Uber post was the first shot in a new war against Silicon Valley Sexism Six months later, a Reckoning has Begun

by Sarah Jeong Aug 29, 2017, 9:40am EDT

Last Tuesday, California state Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson introduced a bill that will amend the California civil code to tackle an on-going pattern of sexist conduct in Silicon Valley — specifically the sexual harassment in the venture capitalist-entrepreneur context.

In announcing her bill, Senator Jackson made passing references to both an incendiary internal memo at Google in which an engineer opined that women may be less suited to computer programming due to biological reasons and to the scandals around Uber as indicators of a culture in need of change. Jackson praised the women who spoke to the Times as “peeling back a shroud of secrecy,” and suggested that the stories that had been reported were merely “the tip of the iceberg.”

All of which adds up to a sense that finally, for the first time, Silicon Valley is finally being forced to reckon with its endemic sexism.

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