CNN Tech: New bill seeks to curb tech's sexual harassment problem

August 18, 2017

New bill seeks to curb tech's sexual harassment problem

by Sara Ashley O'Brien @saraashleyo  August 18, 2017: 4:18 PM ET

The tech industry is rife with accusations that women are harassed -- and one California senator is taking action.

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson is planning to introduce a bill early next week to deter investors from taking advantage of entrepreneurs. Jackson's legislation seeks to add to a California law, the Unruh Civil Rights Act, which prohibits businesses from discriminating based on factors such as sex, race, religion and disabilities.

Jackson's legislation was inspired by recent media reports about the issue, with dozens of women speaking out about being harassed in the industry. "What their stories did is peel back a shroud of secrecy and expose behaviors that are not acceptable in any industry -- let alone an industry that prides itself on being cutting edge," she added. "[And] there have been suggestions that those who have come forward are just the tip of the iceberg. We need to get a handle on this."

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