KABC-TV: Bill expanding CA Family Leave Act sent to Governor

September 06, 2013

Legislators have sent Gov. Jerry Brown a bill to expand the family leave program and allow more Californians to take paid time off for a variety of family reasons.

Lisa Bautista found herself in a situation where she couldn't help care for her grandmother as much as she wanted in her final days. The nurse asked her boss if she could take paid time off but couldn't.

Workers can get 55 percent of their pay only for up to six weeks when caring for sick parents, children, spouses and domestic partners.

"As part of the Paid Family Leave Act, the grandmothers aren't included, and I really couldn't believe that. I mean, she's my grandmother," said Bautista.

The state Legislature sent Governor Brown a bill that would expand the list of relatives to grandparents, siblings and in-laws. Supporters say that reflects the responsibilities of today's families.

Employees pay for it through their paycheck deductions under Short-Term Disability Insurance.