In Wake of Newtown Shooting, Senator Jackson Says Safety of Citizens Must Be Top Policy Priority

December 18, 2012

Santa Barbara -- Today, State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), released the following statement on the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

“As the good people of Newtown start burying their children and loved ones, we are all Newtown residents this week and join them in grieving the senseless loss of innocent lives. We acknowledge the incredible heroism of the educators at Sandy Hook Elementary. And we join them in saying, Never again. Enough.

Enough to the senseless loss of innocent lives. Enough to a culture of violence. Enough to a culture that has elevated gun access over the safety and liberties of our children, our citizens, and our schools.

As we learn more about the events that unfolded this past Friday, it is clear that as a state and as a nation, we need to begin a serious and meaningful conversation about how to prevent a horrific incident like this from ever happening again.

We need an approach which I liken to a three-legged stool: 1) We need sensible gun control; 2) We need to ensure adequate resources and access to mental health services; and 3) We need to address a culture of violence and the prevalence of guns which threatens the safety and liberty of all of us.

Ensuring the safety of its citizens is the fundamental responsibility of government. As a mother, grandmother, and State Senator, I look forward to joining my colleagues in the State Legislature, as well as members of Congress, in making the safety of our citizens a top priority for the upcoming year.”

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