Red Bluff Daily News Editorial: Stan Statham: My take on personalized license plates

June 29, 2017

Almost everyone wants to be noticed in some way or the other. As far as our species is concerned, we all highly value personal recognition.

Did you know in California you can obtain a Pro Life license plate for your car? On the other side of that controversial abortion issue is State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson from Santa Barbara. She has authored SB-309, a bill to make Pro Choice car license plates available too. If I were still a California Assemblyman I would vote “aye” on her proposal.

My first reason is that Americans are fortunate enough to be able to make their own decisions and share their views publicly. That is protected by our constitution’s 1st Amendment that demands and allows free speech.

My second reason is to give more balance to what I call a one-sided public policy. Abortion, gun control and even the weather often has us vocalizing our views and wondering why others are either with us or against us.

On the abortion issue I once had a constituent who regularly called my office just to find out where I was to be scheduled next so he could meet me again and try to convince me to be a Pro Life legislator rather than the Pro Choice legislator I was. I will not divulge that person’s name, but I eventually had to tell him, politely but strongly, that I would not discuss the issue with him ever again. I decided that we both would be wasting our time.

As a normal human being, I spent a lot of time reflecting on just how I should handle the tough issue of abortion myself. I finally settled on always saying something along the lines that women should have as many personal decisions available to them as possible.

The abortion issue has always made me uncomfortable. I actually think both sides have a lot of justification, but some people unfortunately think of abortion as a “baby killing” issue.

It is my belief that women have almost always been in a more losing position in our society. I suppose Wonder Woman could do everything by herself, but a normal lady today can be simply looking for love and suddenly find herself impregnated with a new baby on the way. She might be without a job. What is she to do? It is my take that she is in a no good answer situation.

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