Sacramento Bee: This cute doll can spy on your kid. Why doesn’t the Legislature seem to care?

June 09, 2017

"In Sacramento, Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson is pushing Senate Bill 327, to add some protection for people who buy Internet-connected devices. Manufacturers would have to offer clear disclosure about what the things do, get permission before collecting consumer information, and have safeguards against data breaches.

The Santa Barbara Democrat last month got her bill out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which she chairs. But she could count to maybe 11 votes in the 40-seat Senate, far fewer than the 21-vote threshold needed for passage. Rather than have the bill fail, she has put off a vote, probably until next year."

"The fact is that money plays a very big role in politics,” Jackson said in her Capitol office, a framed copy of Bill of Rights on the wall over her shoulder. “When people talk about regaining the integrity of the process, we’re not going to do it until we get money out.”

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